Southwest Human Resource Agency turns 30

     The Chickasaw Area Development Commission was formed on January 1, 1972. It arose from a merger of the Shiloh Area Development Corporation with the office in Savannah, Tennessee; West State Economic Opportunity Offices located in Lexington, TN, and Big Hatchie Development Corporation whose office was in Brownsville, TN. The merger took place as an executive order of the Governor of Tennessee with the intent to bring all counties within the Southwest Development District boarder lines together.

     As a result of the merger, the Chickasaw Area Development Commission was strengthened by making three smaller and lower funded agencies together in one. The Chickasaw Area Development Commission was made up of Chester, Decatur, Henderson, Haywood, Hardeman, Hardin, and McNairy Counties.

     The Agency existed as a Community Action Agency from 1972-1983. The Agency re-organized under TCA 13-26-101 and was chartered pursuant to an act adopted by the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee as Chapter 289, Public Acts of 1973, and as the Human Resource Act of 1973, hence establishing Southwest Human Resource Agency.

     The purpose of the Agency is to promote the development of human resources in the Southwest Tennessee region through the effective and efficient delivery of human services. It was recognized that a special need existed to obtain strong local involvement in the decisions of Federal, State and other agencies which affected the welfare and well-being of the region’s citizens.

     This year marks the 30 year anniversary of service to people all over the eight county areas. Those that have come before us have laid the foundation for the successes we share today. Service to others best describes the work of Southwest Human Resource Agency.